B A R B E R E K     
 E  S  S  E  N  S  I  A  L  S

Professional care, created with passion, especially for you.

Master Clay

For amazing pliable STRONG hold and control, shape and re-shaping clay for definition and texture. For All hair types–strong enough to control even course and thick hair! Take a small amount and warm in the hands, spreading evenly over the palms. Work into hair. Add additional clay for extra definition and boost. Washes out easily. Low fragrance.


Beard Oil

Warm a few drops of Beard Oil in the hands before gently smoothing and massaging into the beard. For best results brush into styleusing a Beard Brush.


Sea Salt

Spray - for that surfer look absolutely invisible! Washes out easily. No fragrance.


Beard butter

Beard butter is one of the best products out there for keeping your beard nourished and moisturized, and this results in a beard that’s softer and stronger than one without any proper upkeep.